Protection and Safety of Personnel

The protection and safety of the community’s employees is paramount. This is achieved through the development and implementation of Emergency Plans such as the Fire, Evacuation, Security and Bomb Threat Plans; the identification, training and resourcing of Fire Wardens and First Aiders; the identification of Emergency Standby Locations; the development of the BCM Response Teams with the appointment of the appropriate people; the establishment of an employee notification and 1-800 # information process. To be successful, a community must commit to continued support through funding, training and resourcing these internal safety requirements.

Emergency Standby Locations

In the case of emergency, there should be pre-established Emergency Stand By Locations, Evacuation points or Muster Stations. These are secure areas far enough away from buildings and infrastructures to offer people protection from an adverse event. These sites are generally used in conjunction with building evacuation plans (either Fire or Bomb threat plans).

These sites should be evaluated for protection and safety prior to being officially designated. Once designated, everyone in the identified area should be briefed on where the evacuation site is and the process to be used to get there. Once there, there needs to be someone assigned to either record or check off all those present so that a census can be taken to ensure that everyone who should be there is in fact there or is accounted for. These sites need to be coordinated with the main site, the site with the event so that information can be exchanged and directions given and acted upon such as safe to return or discharged from duty orders.