Restoration planning commences as soon as the Business Functional Area has been relocated from the primary site. Restoration commences when the primary site is approved for re- entrance.

While the relocation team is busy with transferring business functions to an alternate site, the restoration team is working with the primary site rebuilding crew to prepare for the return of the business functions. As long as the primary site is not approved for occupancy, the restoration team works with the Crisis Management Team and contractors in finding a new location for the affected areas. Restoration can provide an opportunity to look at upgrading critical and physical infrastructures, equipment and work spaces.

If the primary site is able to be occupied, the restoration team develops a plan to bring the business functions from the alternate site back to the primary site.  It is beneficial to have the primary site up and running and tested before moving the business function and employees back to the primary site. This minimizes any potential further business interruptions.


<Restoration Diagram>


BCP Deactivation

Once a business functional activity has been restored back into the primary site, its recovery strategy can be ended. A comprehensive review of the process from interruption to full service should be conducted. Members from the Business Functional Area BCP Team, the Recovery Strategy representative, the Business Unit employees, the Community BCP Team and the BCM Manager should de-brief together to ascertain what worked well and what did not. Consensus should be realized on the action items to improve the Recovery Strategy for the next time it is used.