BFA Relocation sites

Events may necessitate that operations may have to relocate from the primary work site. As soon as recovery strategies are activated, the Relocation Team should meet to discuss the reality of relocation.  A pre-approved alternate site should have been prepared and a relocation plan developed that can be implemented if required.  If the   is no alternate site or if the alternate site is unavailable or inoperative a new site will need to be chosen.

The relocation team will need current copies of all recovery strategies so that all     the appropriate infrastructures and equipment can be relocated or procured and installed. This should be done in advance of the relocation of the employees and workload to minimize any further business disruption.


<Relocation Diagram>


Like back up EOCs, Business Functional Area Sites have the same requirements and issues which are combined with the production, operational and process requirements of the business area. The relocation site must meet all operational, management and HVRA requirements. The above discussion on Back-up EOC sites is relevant, but further consideration must be given to accommodate the specific equipment, machinery, shipping/receiving, staff, electrical, OH&S requirements for the business being managed. This uniqueness and complexity generally reduces the available sites for relocation. The more unique and complex the business, the more difficult it is to find infrastructures to support the business area that is to be relocated. This could result in capital investment in order to custom build appropriate infrastructures to support relocation.