Mission Critical Activities

A Mission Critical Activity (MCA) refers to ‘the critical operational and/or business support activities (either provided internally or outsourced) required by the organization to achieve its objective(s) i.e. service or products.’[1]  MCAs are activities that MUST be operational in order for the organization to carry out their prescribed business and they are critical to the sustainability of the organization. Generally MCAs are activities, functions or processes such as of strategic leadership, financial, regulatory, customer orders / service and Public Safety.


In assessing MCAs the following conditions should exist; if the activity under review became non-operational, regardless of the reason or cause, would the organization or that particular segment of the organization be placed in jeopardy of failure resulting in a real potential of a catastrophic organizational failure? If so, this activity or process should be considered to be Mission Critical. Once this has been determined, a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA) should be completed.[1]

[1] Disaster Recovery Journal