BCP Operations

Business Continuity is managed by the Strategic and Tactical levels and effected by the Operational level of a community. Business continuity must have all 3 levels functioning to be efficient, effective and accountable. Functioning does not necessarily mean physically on site as in the case for some of the Strategic and Tactical members. It is very possible to give strategic direction and handle the Crisis Management from a different or remote location from the site of business interruption (i.e. Head office and Regional offices). While it may be possible to have crisis management off-site, it is near impossible to have consequence management off-site.

Consequence management usually is dependent on business activity subject matter experts that have been pre-assigned to recovery strategies or recovery strategy teams. These teams are critical in actioning the repairs and work around solutions to meet RTO and MTO objectives.

The critical thing is that Crisis Management and Consequence Management is in place and is effective in a timely manner to meet the RTOs and to preserve the business activity, and maintain sustainability within the Departments and the programs that they are responsible for.